Our manifesto

  • We’re for a brighter side of sustainable shopping. Here on the bright side, we developed the Shine Index to promote transparency and help scale up sustainability in our industry. It’s the brighter side of your most beloved brands, in a curation of their most sustainable pieces.

    An opportunity for inclusion and evolution, for the industry, for the common good and for your closet.

  • On the bright side there is greater access,  a retail experience that is informed and fresh, where positive changes are inspired by our choices.

    We’re building a brighter side through our own ‘Circle’ of commitment to do better.

    Because we know we’re not perfect  - but we’ll give it everything we’ve got.

    And together, we can choose 

    The (b)right side of shopping.

Behind the Shine Index

Our rigorous grading system allows us to look at sustainability at a product level -when other retail platforms only focus on sustainability at brand level.

Good start Good start
Great Getting there
Top rated Top-rated

Our philosophy

Sustainability is a never-ending journey.  A journey we must embark on. One step at a time we will create a path towards a better tomorrow. We shoot for the stars, because we know it’s the best way to eventually land on the moon.

We co-create with consumers

We take their input and listen to their feedback on everything we do -from our grading system, to the selection of brands we carefully select and carry.

We partner with brands.

We assess the sustainability of the products they create, we leverage existing sustainability measurement frameworks, and we provide a trustworthy platform to display their most sustainable products.

We bring-in game changers

We meet with great minds to challenge ourselves.

We collaborate with suppliers and industry experts to always push forward and make an impact.

Modus Operandi

No one can reach the moon on their own. Collaboration is our MO.

The Board

  • Marci Zaroff

    Founder/CEO of ECOfashion Corp’s “Greenhouse of Brands” (MetaWear, Yes And, Farm to Home, Seed to Style, Farm to Flight & RESET), and Founder/former CEO of Under the Canopy, Marci coined the term and pioneered the market for ECOfashion®.


  • Martin Smith

    Entrepreneur, operator, investor and advisor focused on sustainability, transparency, and the ownership economy. Fascinated by business models that enable value-creating stakeholders to share in governance rights and earning-mechanisms while still being able to scale.


  • Camille Oberkampf

    International Counsel (Paris & New York Bar) focusing on compliance, sustainability, and ESG, Camille
    supports and accompanies companies on their path towards a more responsible business conduct.


  • Christina Chang

    Head of Procurement at Adore Me

  • Camille Kress

    Passionate about cracking the challenge of sustainability at scale, Camille has been working in the lingerie industry for 7+ years and is dedicated to making sustainable fashion accessible to all in the US.


  • Priya Sharma

    A strategy & operations expert, Priya supports fashion firms across US and Europe towards sustainability with thoughtful operations and inventory planning. As a former consultant at BCG, Priya combines climate & sustainability expertise with hands on fashion industry experience.


  • Romain Liot

    Ever since the birth of his first son, Romain has been dedicated to creating a better future for the upcoming generations - and it starts with sustainability and circularity. A true fashion disruptor paving the way!


Build with us!

We’re all ears! Whether you have a comment about the people we partner with or a question about our Shine Index, we’re always looking to improve your experience with us. Write us a note or suggestion below!

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